Log-File Analyzer – Data-Processor – Data-Player


EasyTrac64 is able to load Log-Files up to several Gigabytes. For a fast analysis of such huge Log-Files up to 15 filters can be defined. For each of these filters up to 5 sub-filters can be defined. The filter results are displayed in a separate window. The main-window and the filter-result-window are synchronized automatically, i.e. with double click on a filter result the appropriate entry gets displayed in the other window. Beside filtering a fast search function is available.
Other useful features facilitate the analysis of complex log files, e.g.

  • colored highlighting of the filter results
  • pre-processing of input file
  • area selection
  • display of predecessor and/or successor line(s) in the filter result

[1] Main-Log
[2] Filter-Result
[3] Filter Setup

Data Processing

Data-Processors are external libraries which can be loaded to extend the functionality of EasyTrac64. By this way the user has the possibility to adapt the application individually according to his needs. A data-processor can act as pre- or post-processor or as decoder for selected data.

An external library – a  Dynamic Link Library for MS Windows or a Shared Object for Linux – can be developed with each programming language / development environment which is able to create such libraries, e.g. C, C++, Delphi, Lazarus, C# or others. EasyTrac64 provides a corresponding API for the development and integration of such data processors. It is also possible to create data processors which call a batch or script, i.e. the actual data processor can also be developed in any scripting language, e.g. in Python.

EasyTrac64 - Data-Processing
decoding of a message via own Data-Processor


Data Capturing (only Windows)

There are applications which write their log-data in a Terminal window. The analysis of log-Data in a Terminal window is not really convenient. With the Data-Grabber tool EasyTrac64 is able to capture these data from the Terminal and to provide for further analysis purposes.

Live-Data Monitoring

The live-data monitoring can be used to analyze log-data from a log-file which is currently written by an application, i.e. the log-file is still opened and will be continuously written.

Live-Data Processing
Live-Data Processing

[1] Terminal Window which logs data from an application
[2] EasyTrac64 captures data from the Terminal Window
[3] EasyTrac64 takes over the capture result for further analysis


With Data-Player Tool of EasyTrac64 data can be sent via Interprocess Communication (IPC) from the log-file window or from the filter results window to third party applications. Before the data are sent out, they can be processed by own defined Data-Processors. The data player offers a “step-by-step” mode and a playback mode.


[1] Filer-Result contains messages with Geo-Data
[2] Data-Player extracts the Geo-Data via Data-Processor and streams the result via IPC to the decontev Geo-Tracer application
[3] decontev’s Geo-Tracer shows the Geo-Data in a map

System Requirements

  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


  free to use