Nagios-Client / Nagios-Frontend

Quick Guide

decontevObserver is a Nagios-Client, a Nagios-Frontend for Windows and Linux which can visualize monitoring results provided by one or more Nagios-Servers in a comfortable graphical user interface (GUI).

The following Quick-Guide will show you in a few simple steps how  decontev-Observer has to be configured to visualize the monitoring-result of a Nagios-Service. 


  • Operating System
    • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
    • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022
    • Linux
  • a running Nagios-Server
  • configured and running Host(s) and Service(s) on the Nagios-Server

1. Setup Nagios-Server Connection

(1) open main-setting dialog

(2) select ‘Nagios-Server’ in the tree

(3) click button ‘add Server’

(4) enter the Nagios-Server URL as well as the appropriate credentials

(5) test the Nagios-Server connection

setup Nagios-Server connection

2. Agent Configuration (1)
assignment of Nagios-Server and Host

(1) select a Monitoring-Agent

(2) click button ‘Configuration’

(3) select ‘Nagios Monitoring – General’ in the tree

(4) select the Nagios-Server from the list

(5) click to get a list of hosts for the selected Nagios-Server

(5) select a host from the list

assignment of Nagios-Server and Host

3. Agent Configuration (2)
assign Host-Service(s)

(1) select ‘Nagios Monitoring – Templates’ in the tree

(2) select a template and click button ‘Edit’

(3)  setup a name and a shortname for the monitoring-template and click the button ‘Add Service’

(4) click to get a list of services for the selected Host

(5) select a service from the list

assignment of Host-Service(s)
Monitoring via decontev-Observer